Based in Birmingham, UK, Happy Nashers is a home grown business that was inspired by our very own four legged companion, Blade. 

Just over three years ago, Blade began to lose a lot of his coat, especially on his tail. His skin showed signs of irritation, and his persistent chewing at his paws confirmed his discomfort. To make matters worse, he also began to lose his dopey, playful spark. 

After two years of endless trips to the vets, a huge amount of money spent and a LOT of additional research, we finally got an answer. Blade has a severe case of allergies. 

Luckily it was very quick and easy to eliminate the foods causing him irritation from his BARF diet, however it wasn't so simple when it came to his favourite treats. All of them contained ingredients that were not suitable. But look at that face, there was no way we could see him go without! After a lot of further research, we developed Blade a delicious recipe that was not only suited to his allergy requirements, but that also specifically included, high quality ingredients full of vitamins and minerals to aid in overall heath and condition. 

Our treats soon gained the interest of others looking for a more nutritious alternative to big named brands and with that, Happy Nashers was born!

Since then we have continued to develop our nutritious, delicious treats without any compromise to their quality. We are also extremely conscious of our environmental footprint, which is why our  packaging is 100% recyclable and/or biodegradable, using as few materials as possible; i.e added leaflets and order forms. Our ingredients are also selected where applicable with the environment in mind; i.e palm oil free and ethically grown. 

If our environmentally conscious attitude and dedication to researching into the health of dogs wasn't enough, we are also proud to say that we are a charitable business. We knew from the start that we wanted Happy Nashers to be a business that could provide support to those in need. Therefore we donate 10% of the profits from each purchase made to The Blind Dog Rescue UK.

Our ethos is simple. High quality treats. Environmentally conscious. Supporting others in need.