The Marketing Trend We're Saying No Too

"We feel it is important to stick to our ethics around trusted, true marketing, and to create a supportive environment for small businesses."

Happy Nashers is a business that has grown -like many- through the use of social media. Instagram in particular has provided us with a great platform for us to showcase our products and develop the business that we have today.

However, along the way we experienced a few issues surrounding trying to make it as small start-up business on social media;


We have had numerous accounts messaging us asking for free products, in return for an Instagram post share containing images of the product. We noticed this pattern emerging more and more and realised that currently, it’s a hugely popular marketing technique used by both businesses and influencer accounts. Whilst proven to be quite successful and beneficial for both parties involved, this is not a method that we wish to utilise. Many of the accounts that have contacted us regarding this have never before tried our products. Whilst we of course wholeheartedly believe in the quality of our treats, we do not agree with our products being advocated for simply because of an agreed ‘price’ (Whether that be monetary or product gifting). All too often we see this happening through various different business platforms, regardless as to whether the product is reputable or not. This does not meet our ethics. Instead, through our hard work and consistency, we hope to gain a dependable customer base, with authentic reviews speaking for our business. We wouldn’t wish for anyone to part with their money under false pretences, and therefore we do not agree to any collaborations.


This branches slightly off the above point. We are also frequently asked to donate our products to giveaways for people, who again have never tried our products and know very little about our business. We appreciate the excitement of providing followers with a fantastic giveaway, however we see no reason as to why the small business’ desired to be included cannot be supported in the process. We have previously participated in selective giveaways and have no objections to doing so in the future, however our terms and conditions are as follows;

1. The giveaway holder themselves have had experience with our business and products and are happy to personally advocate for them enough to gift as a prize.

2. The giveaway holder themselves covers the cost of the products being gifted.

These may seem controversial to the spirit of giveaways; however, we feel it is important to stick to our ethics around trusted, true marketing, and to create a supportive environment for small businesses.

We hope that this post doesn’t make us sound too boring! And that instead you feel more inclined to trust the reviews we receive for our products.

Please Note; We are happy to get involved to support charitable events and causes, as gifted by ourselves.

Woof for now,

Happy Nashers

P.S. All images in this post are of our wonderful, supportive customers. Remember to support small businesses x

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